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Time: 2020-01-14
Summary: Wood cutlery instead of plastic cutlery is your best choice.

 Benefits of Wooden Cutlery

  • Eco-friendly: Well, it is common knowledge that wood makes sustainable products. Wooden cutlery provide environmental, social, economical, and health benefits for the planet and the things in it.
  • Safer: Unlike metals, ceramics, and plastic cutlery, wooden cutlery are safer because they have no sharp edges, and they do not breed organisms.
  • Stylish: It is not everyday you see wooden cutlery on people’s dining tables, so, having one gives you an edge of stylishness over others.
  • Less Guilt: You know that guilt you feel when you dispose your usual cutlery? That’s your conscience talking, and it’s asking you why you’re hurting the planet. With wooden cutlery, you can dispose them easily because they are biodegradable.
  • After Use: If you don’t want to throw your wooden cutlery away, you can always donate them for recycling. You can also use them to make compost for your garden, or use them to create Eco-friendly toys for your children.

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